Ben Millett,

Cola Steak with Fritos


Ben shares a delightfully irresistible blend of whole food and junk food.

Jennifer Cheek,


spaetzle 2

Jennifer tasted an unforgettable dish in Germany, and is kind enough to share it with FIG. Though you may want it all to yourself.

Alison Rinehardt Mauldin,

Cheddar Sage Biscuits

cheddar sage biscuits

Cheddar and sage add a simple, autumnal twist to the classic buttermilk biscuit that will warm your kitchen and your spirits.

Alison Rinehardt Mauldin,

Salt Baked Whole Fish

Salt Baked Fish

One thing I’ve always wanted to try was roasting a whole fish. It has a very rustic appeal, and meat always has more flavor when cooked on the bone. True to form, I did most of my research after cooking the dish, when the mistakes had already been made. That just means that you don’t have to

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Alison Rinehardt Mauldin,


Lasagna with Chicken Sausage and Vegetables

My recent experience in making and freezing lasagna required a surprising amount of research, and a little bit of learning from my mistakes. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled all my layers of lasagna knowledge in one cheesy post.