Thanksgiving Snack


Since it’s mid-November, there are tons of Holiday treats in our house.  There are cinnamon rolls (okay, these aren’t just for holidays), peppermint Oreos, peppermint Joe-Joes (much better than the Oreos), mint M&Ms, Halloween candy, gingerbread Twix, eggnog, so on and so forth.  Tonight I wanted a late snack, but didn’t want any of those other things, even the chocolate.  So I pulled out two other “treats” we had in the house.

I almost grabbed the vanilla meringue boats from Trader Joe’s, too, but that would have been too much sugar.  Or at least the tartness of the cranberry in the apple butter seems to mask the sugar of the apple butter.  The last few nights I’ve spread the apple butter on toast, but thought the gingersnaps would be a nice change of substrate. I grabbed a spoon and went at the cookies.

This picture shows the recommended serving size of cookies (six), but maybe two or three times the servings of apple butter.  Of course, this is also just the number of cookies in the picture, and not the other six that I ate before taking the picture.

The apple butter is so good.  I’m a fan of cranberry sauce, to the extent that in college I’d buy a can of cranberry sauce and just eat it.  My preferred sauce now is made with fresh cranberries and oranges, but I can’t get enough cranberry this time of year.  This apple butter has just enough cranberry to make it tart; it doesn’t overpower the apple.

These were just the right snacks.  Enough sweetness to keep my sweet tooth happy, but not so rich that I’d regret my choice later.


Editor’s Note: Is it just me or would these also be great with a schmear of sweetened cream cheese between the cookie and the apple butter? Or peanut butter!

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