Roasted Coconut Chips by Trader Joe’s


Despite how it looks, Trader Joe’s does not sponsor this blog. I’m just a big fan. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, I need to tell you about these coconut chips. And if you don’t have one near you… I’m sorry.

The back of the bag tells an enticing story of the coconut chips’ origin in Thailand. But the flavor is what you really need to know about. It’s pure, luxurious coconut. It’s not heavy or too rich. They’re a little sweet, but just a little. And the texture! The texture is what I think could convert the coconut hater in your life. (Everyone knows one.) These little chips are crunchy, with an addictive, melty quality that probably comes from their natural oil content.



They’re small, but they pack a wallop. I think they’d be the perfect topping for a coconut cream pie. The bag recommends using them as a topping for a salad or ice cream. They’d be great in granola, except I’d probably end up picking out the coconut pieces, just like M&M’s in trail mix. In fact, these little guys are never around long enough to be added to anything. I leave the grocery store, get in the car, and open the bag.



The serving size is one ounce, or half the bag. Here’s the kicker: one serving contains 50 percent of your daily value of saturated fat. Well, what did I expect, this is coconut, right? Let’s see if I can justify my new snack with some research:

I know some of you are crazy about coconut oil, and I like it just fine myself. But it seems the medical community doesn’t have enough information about its benefits to outweigh its risks. Which is why I’m glad these come in such a small package!

Thanks for reading!

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